Mewsletter 5 - First Celeb to Wear MEW

Mewsletter 5 - First Celeb to Wear MEW

If you watch RuPaul's Drag Race then you know how big of a deal this is.

When I saw Tayce and Awhora were doing a meet-and-greet in Melbourne I saw this as an opportunity to make them custom tracksuits. I reasoned that if I gave it to them in person, the worst possible outcome was I could take a photo of them holding it that I could use on my socials and website. Their reaction was better than expected - Tayce put the jumper on and ran around VIP. Awhora kept repeating "I'm obsessed!" and told me she liked me asthetic.

The next day I saw Tayce on Instagram LIVE stream  wearing my jumper - MEW written right across the front. I was stoked. She didn't take the tracksuit off for the next three days. Now I not only have photos of her I took but photos of her wearing MEW that she took. She also sent me a DM to say thank you for the tracksuit. Tayce has 700K followers and is someone I really admire, so this is has been no small deal to me.

Even though they never tagged me in their photos, I went in with no expectations. I think these are the leaps and risks I have to take with MEW - making clothes and ambushing Celebs to get on the map. And it was worth it - now I have these photos. To see them not only wearing my clothes but  loving them defintly feels like a massive milestone for MEW and the first of many. 

If you want a custom tracksuit, check my website or DM me on Instagram. I've also uploaded a video of the moment I gave htem the clothes.

xoxo gossip mew

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