Mewsletter 5 - Negotiate Without Conflict

Mewsletter 5 - Negotiate Without Conflict

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So a breakthrough for me came when I realised I can listen to audio books whilst I play video games. This is game changing for two reasons: 

1. I can play completely guilt-free because I am being productive.

2. I am actually getting through some books that have been on my list for a while.

I’m learning to recognise and fill the gaps in my business knowledge and right now I’m focusing on negotiating. I suck at it. Whether it be negotiating with manufacturers overseas, asking influencers to post my shit or trying to get my doctor to prescribe me the strong stuff, I don’t know how to go about it. A past of low self worth usually causes me to give up before I’ve started and accepted the worst possible outcome. 


One book I’ve been listening to is called “Negotiating - Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss. Voss is a previous FBI hostage negotiator who gives a lot of great tips on how to be a better negotiator. Something in my brain has clicked since reading this book. Here are some tips he gives: 


- If you are haggling a price, know your ultimate limit. Make your first offer 65% of this, second offer 85%, 95%, before ending at 100%. If this still fails, repeat your last offer and throw in something non-monetary. For example, I’ll give you $120 and my OG Backstreet Boys album. This will signal to them that you are at your limit. 

- When negotiating price, make sure your offer is an uneven number. Suggesting $143 instead of $150 makes it seem like your value is calculated and less flexible. 

- If someone has stopped relying to your emails, hit them with “Have you given up on this project?” Asking a question that causes the other person to respond with ‘No’ will make them feel in control and more likely to engage. 


Here is a link to the cheat sheet and another for the cheapest place to buy the book (inc. shipping).  You’re welcome x


Now, can I negotiate you into buying some clothes? 

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