Mewsletter 7 - Mental Health Care Package

Mewsletter 7 - Mental Health Care Package

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The following is a list of my personal resources for dealing with mental health, specifically for depression/anxiety. 

Meditation is probably the most important long term tool for me. Mindfulness meditations throughout the day helps me feel like I’m ‘cleaning the slate’. It is good for learning to control your mind so it doesn’t control you. 
Some good apps include @insighttimer and @headspace for when you are starting. 
To learn more about the theory of meditation a good book is ‘Mindfulness in plain English’ by Bante Gunaratana which is available for free on Audible. 

Breathwork helps bring clarity, releases trauma and connects you to yourself. Physically it can help improve respiratory issues, sleep and even ADHD. For the science behind breathwork, read ‘Breathe’ by James Nestor. 
Breathwork is probably the thing that helps me the most on bad days. My favourite breathwork is the 30-45min guided breathwork on Aubrey Marcus app @fitforservice. 
Helle Weston and Lukis Mac provide a free five-minute guided breathwork at @owakenbreathwork

Cold Swim Immersion:
Cold water immersion releases endorphins and can help rewire the nervous system. It has been shown to improve depression and anxiety. 
Try sitting in ice baths, swimming in the ocean, or having cold baths or showers - even if it is for only 30 seconds. 
Win Hof is good to follow for information @iceman_hof

Seeing a psychologist helped me get out of my lowest when I wasn’t making any progress on my own. I use where you can speak to an Australian psychologist, usually that day. Your first session is free. 

Writing can help bring up from your subconscious everything you are thinking and feeling. When you’re feeling down and just don’t know why, journaling can help bring it to the surface for you to deal with. Some journal prompts: 
Today I’m feeling…
The Last time I felt like this…
Last night I dreamt about…
I use Google Docs to journal. 
@erickgodsey is my favourite psychologist who focuses on journaling and he shares his own current journal prompts in his newsletter. 

On my worst days I feel like I am tumbling in the dark and I can’t see which way is up. It sounds simple, but affirmations are one of the only things that help me these days because it helps me feel I am aiming in the direction I want to go and some days it is the most fight I have in me. Example:
‘I am happy, I am healthy, life is bright and I am wealthy.” 
Think Up’ is an app where you can record affirmations and play them back. Listening to them in your own voice and in your sleep is supposedly meant to improve their impact.

I love these artists because they bring me up with their positive music. 
Toni Jones
Lukis Mac

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