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Here are some of my favourite female rappers of all time. I think there’s a general misconception that girls aren't really into rap but I think the truth is rap makes it hard for girls to relate to. To get into rap you have to be able to desensitise from the constant degradation towards women that is so normal for the genre. There’s not much respect for females in rap music. I try to overlook it and and see it more as a cultural reflection of the times than something to take personal. But it is hard to hear people you admire perpetuate sexism, and I do feel female rap in general is less respected and overlooked. It sucks when I talk to guys who looove hip hop but they have no idea who some of these artists are. But I perefer female rap over male, so I can't blame them for being the same. I like female rap because I relate to it. There’s a different level of honesty and rawness that I fuck with, especially when it comes to emotions and experiences. So here’s some of my favs, for what it’s worth. Let me know your favs too

 1 - Little Simz. Fav track - Heard Em’ Say Freestyle

2 - Clariyah Bo$S. (AUS) Fav track - Part Ways

3 - BbyMutha. Fav track - Genesis 

4 - Lauryn Hill. Fav track - Final Hour 

5 - Noname. Fav track - Reality Check

6 - Sampa the Great. (AUS) Fav track - Class Trip 

Special mention tracks:
Still Dope - MF DOOM, Empress Starhh
Queen Bitch - Lil Kim
OG luv kush pt. 2 - Kaiit (AUS)
Let Me Blow Ya Mind - Eve, Gwen Stefani
WAP - Cardi B, Megan the Stallion

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mew poetry 17-21

mew poetry 17-21


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