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Mewsletter 2 - Your Purpose is YOU

Mewsletter 2 - Your Purpose is YOU


There is a Chinese proverb that reads, “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This week for the first time I feel I have arrived at a destination. 

It’s been a long time walking. The Journey, which is really just an introspective exploration of the Self, started for me when I was about 19 years old when I first became interested in psychedelics and Eastern concepts. 

Looking inside is hard because there are a lot of truths we don’t like to see. Be it the things we don’t like about ourselves, traumas from our past, mistakes we have made and the lies we have convinced ourselves, just to name a few. Psychologist Carl Jung says we repress these aspects into our unconscious mind to form what he calls the ‘shadow self’. We bury them into the dark crevices of our minds while we spend our lives running from them and call it a good work ethic. 

When I first started the Journey I saw too much too soon. I hadn’t yet come to understand the concept of self love, and so without guidance I dived deep into the shadow and judged everything I saw. I could no longer stand the self hate, and so I took a break from the Journey for about seven years. But the calling never went away.

When COVID forced me back home I from travelling I felt so lost and confused as to what my purpose in life was. I had nowhere else to run and so I finally looked  inwards. This is how I found the trail again. This time around I focused heavily on meditation, and the more I connected to myself, be it through meditation, breathwork or plant medicine, the clearer the trail became.

The first thing I learnt in meditation is to forgive and love everything I see. Every truth brings me closer to uncovering who I am and so is cause for celebration, not judgement. My self love Journey was realising that if i did not make uncovering who I was a positive experience, I would never return. 

Loving what I see has helped me return, and the more I uncover about myself the better I understand my purpose. What I’ve learnt about purpose is your purpose is not one single pointed thing. It’s the Journey inwards. It's the Journey of self discovery, and jobs are just a thing you put out along the way. Your purpose is YOU.

For the last two years I have been walking this path, but I still felt unsure about what MY path was. I always feel like I am walking in the dark. That's the thing about following your heart - you can never see more than one step ahead of you at a time, but faith is the lantern that helps you see that step.


For some reason, the recent act of posting my first Mewsletter and MEW Story video 

video in the same week made me feel like I have finally hit my destination. It’s like for the past two years I have been following the path backwards towards my centre and now I’ve finally made it. I feel like I can now see MY path forward, of what I am supposed to do which feels so aligned with who I am.  

I’ve  learnt to build  my life around the Journey. I know if I stay focused on this path and allow this to become my priority everything will work out around me. While I feel so relieved to finally have clarity about what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, the truth is I was always on the path. Clarity comes with time and hard work. It builds overtime. This is why the first step is the hardest. 

I don’t want to sugar coat it - It’s not easy to walk this path.The journey gets incredibly painful and lonely. It’s hard to face truths, accept change and walk away from your old perception of life. But the truth is it’s harder not to. It’s harder to feel lost. It’s harder feeling empty. It’s harder carrying that constant feeling that life is passing by and something is missing. Missing meaning, missing purpose, missing divinity. And even though the first step is hard, take comfort knowing there are many who have walked before you. Take comfort knowing you have now found our community to walk beside you. Because the Journey of a thousand miles is not and easy one to walk. 

But the first step is deciding you are worth it.

Quote - "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl Jung. 
Podcast - How to LIVE YOUR MISSION in Trying Times W/ Erick Godsey | Aubrey Marcus Podcast
Book - The Lion Trackers Guide to Life by Boyd Varty
Course - The Dharma Journal by Erick Godsey 

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