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The Lion Diet - Week 1

The Lion Diet - Week 1

Weight lost this week - 3.5kg

About: The Lion Diet consists of nothing but meat, salt and water. People around the world have been using it  to 'cure' their autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, crohn's disease, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, depression and more. Founded by Mikhaila Peterson (daughter of Jordan Peterson, who is also on the diet) it is said to be the ultimate elimination diet that improves health by reducing inflammation. There is little research on the diet so almost all evidence is anecdotal. I am not recommending this diet at all but just documenting my experience on it for others who are searching for it on the internet as I was.

Why am I on it: In 2021 I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue which my doctors think is caused by an unknown autoimmune disease. For over a year I wasn't able  to work, travel or exercise and spent a lot of time bed-ridden. I am hoping to improve my energy levels and consequently understand if my health struggles are food/allergy related. I'm also curious to see if it will improve my insomnia, eczema, bloating, headaches and symptoms of depression. 

Day 1 (Start Day) - 
No notice.

Day 2 - 
-Woke up feeling significantly less bloated. Unusual for me and where I am at on my cycle. 
-Had dreams of eating vegetables already! 

Day 3 - 
-Slept 11 hours (normal for me) so no improvement yet on energy or mood. 
-Woke up with conjunctivitis so bad I couldn’t open my left eye. Not presuming this is related to the diet.
-In the afternoon I felt strangely tired as if I was zonked out from sleeping pills. 
By this time I am likely beginning to experience carbohydrate and sugar withdrawals which can last 1-2 weeks. This can result in ‘flu like symptoms’.
-Stool is normal but less frequent. 
-Low mood.

Day 4 - 
-Felt really great in the morning and day and light, both physically and mentally.  - -Feeling tired towards the end of the day.

Day 5 -
-Eczema flare up in the morning. 
-Felt sleepy/dull in afternoon.Noticing a general dullness to my life that’s always been there.
-All bloating gone . 
-Today I’m starting to miss eating normal. I’m just not enjoying my food at all today. Im not having any intense cravings but I have had some for the food i see including honey, lollies, mashed potato, sweet bread. I think I’m craving honey because I know it’s the easiest food to justify eating (honey is said to be one of the least allergic foods, and the diet advises that if you are going to cheat to just eat as much honey as you want).
-Nausea around bed time( related to carbohydrate withdrawals).

Day 6  -
-Depression hit me like the whomping willow.
-Weighed myself and I'vee already lost 2.3kg in less than a week. 
-Very tired.
-Mild diarrhoea. 
-Felt faint when going up and down stairs a lot. 
-I’ve lost 2.3kg. It’s really really difficult for me to loose weight because I fucked my metabolism from starving myself when I was younger (to the point I stopped getting my period). For context,I gained 20kg when I was sick in 2021 and for the last eight months I’ve been really trying to loose weight. I’ve been eating clean and running 40km per week for a lot of that time, and in that whole time I only lost about 6kg. I'm sure my diet isn't as clean as I want to believe, but I don't eat a lot of processed junk/fast food.
I’m not doing this diet to loose weight but I was hoping I would because my body weight just seems to be a puzzle I can’t crack. I’m always bloated and feel like my body doesn’t reflect my commitment to my health. 
Something about this diet just feels right - like I’ve cracked the code and I’m returning to the blueprint of who I am. I felt this from the first day I woke up and wasn’t bloated. 

Day 7 -
-The diet has lost its novelty now and I’m not enjoying it at all. Not only can I only eat one food, I hate that food. I've never been big on red meat (if I go to the steak house with my family, I order the chicken). I l’m noticing that I’d rather not eat than eat meat so I feel like I’m force feeling myself. I seriously considered adding chicken to the diet because it’s still carnivore and what’s the chances chicken is the food I’m reacting to? But I decided to stick it out so I know 100% for sure forever. I’m going to try to find better ways to cook the food so I can enjoy it. On a positive note, I feel 100% certain at least some of my health issues are food related so I’m in a really positive place mentally. 


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