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About MEW

I am mew. I run this business entirely by myself. I design and create the clothes before getting them manufactured in bulk overseas. If there are issues with your mew experience, please be patient as I am teaching myself everything on this venture as I chase my dreams.
I started my business in 2020 when walking away from my career path in science because I could not go against my heart anymore. MEW Clothing started with me on my Elna Pro sewing machine in my kitchen in Torquay, on Geelong's Surf Coast. For more on my story, check out the blog posts, or you can follow me on Instagram at @mewclothing_ or my personal account You can also sign up to our newsletter.

MEW aims to be inclusive of all people of all ages, sizes and genders.
MEW philosophy is to create to a fashion brand that actually has a positive impact on the world - environmentally and ethically. 
MEW vows to tear down the epidemic of self hate in our culture today by never using photoshop to change the size of the models.
MEW can't wait to be a world known brand that changes the fashion industry forever.